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4 Tips to Help You Avoid a Bad Moving Experience

Moving house is one of the most important events in everyone’s life and it’s stressful at the same time. While a little bit of extra tension is no big deal, sometimes different factors can make a moving experience really bad and spoil the whole idea of a fresh start. If you’re concerned about your upcoming move, you’re not alone. We’ve prepared the top 4 tips to help you avoid a bad moving experience.

Happy Couple After The Move


How to Pack in a Hurry

A short timeline can be extremely frustrating when you’re moving, especially if you learn about your move last minute. While packing in a hurry can seem overwhelming, don’t hit the panic button just yet because we’ve got you. Some strategic thinking and a few tips from professional movers can help you pack in a hurry. Hopefully, our simple tips will be enough for you to accomplish everything on time, but if everything else fails, you can always reach out to your local movers, such as Movit Movit. If you prefer to do things yourself, carry on reading to learn how to pack in a hurry.

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The Best Way to Choose a Moving Company in NYC

You’ve finally found a perfect place in New York City and moving day is getting closer. Since you’re done with the most important task and that’s finding an apartment that feels like home, the only thing left to do is find a reputable moving company to transport your things. But with so many choices in NYC comes the challenge – how to choose the best moving company in New York? Thousands of packers and movers offer their services in NYC, and while some of them are trustworthy, there are also others that are fraudulent or provide very poor service.

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Should You Hire Day Labor to Help You Move?

Plenty of moving options are at your disposal when planning to move, but it’s not always easy to decide which one to go for. You need to consider your specific situation, budget, the size of your household, driving experience, etc. Some of the popular options include full-service movers as well as a DIY move. When it comes to performing a DIY move, it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily do everything completely alone – everyone needs a few helping hands when relocating. Besides asking your friends for help, there’s another convenient solution — day labor. Day labor makes an excellent choice if you need a few helping hands for lifting, carrying, and loading heavy objects, and you don’t mind doing everything else personally.

Before you hire any sort of moving services, keep in mind that you must be covered in case any accidents happen. Different types of insurance are available, for example, with full-service movers your entire move will be covered. On the other hand, moving labor companies will also provide insurance, but only for loading and packing. Carry on reading to find out should you hire moving labor to help you move.

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How To Pack Your Garage

When talking about the most complicated rooms and areas for packing, we usually refer to the kitchen and expansive bedrooms with bulky furniture. However, garages are very complex to pack, especially since they present quite a storage for various objects, including cultivation and gardening tools, paint, and the items you almost forgot about.

Although garages might not be first on your packing list, they still require attention which may be a problem if you pack up the whole house and forget about it.

Since it still needs to be done and packing your garage can be tricky, especially if you don't organize it properly, read the following text to ease the whole process and save up a decent amount of time.

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