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8 Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

There is much more to moving than simply shifting possessions from one place to another. With moving, you are changing your daily routine, your favorite place, and at the same time, getting separated from dear people. Consider all circumstances that may affect you during this moving process. Sometimes there will be some circumstances you cannot do anything about, such as weather conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot fight against the weather, but we can try to make our moving easier. Keep on reading to find 8 tips for moving in bad weather.

Truck on the Road Bad Weather


10 Ways to Trim Moving Costs

Moving to another place is one of the stressful situations that may happen in your life. Packing is not a challenging job although it demands time, while a full moving process needs time and money to be completed. For that reason, we prepared some tips on how you can save your money in these circumstances. Keep on reading to find 10 ways to trim moving costs. So, let's begin!

Trimming Moving Cost Concept


A Complete Guide to Moving Cross Country

Moving to a different country requires some planning and a lot of patience, along with a positive attitude. Accomplishing multiple tasks while getting familiar with new surroundings and saying goodbyes is not simple, but with a bit of help, you’ll be all settled. Hopefully, our complete guide to moving cross country will be just what you need to get ready for a new beginning.

Trucks on the Road Cross Country Move


Hiring Full-Service Movers

Moving is a pretty stressful and intense process that requires a lot of time and money if you do not organize properly. Also, most people don't have time for all the hassle involved with the topic mentioned above. Luckily, there are a couple of prospects to avoid moving by yourself as long as you hire a trusted company. Full-service moving companies are created to ease the whole moving process.

A Woman Drinks Coffee After Selling Some Stuff Before the Move


The Last Minute Move Checklist

Last-minute moving can change the excitement into a downright overwhelming feeling in a heartbeat. Our tips will help you if you are feeling stressed and wonder how to organize on short notice. Follow the last minute moving checklist and you will be well on the way to a successful relocation.

The Last Minute Move Concept


How to Pack Glassware for Moving

Moving isn't a simple process meaning there is a couple of things you need to take care of including packing glassware and fragile items. The whole packing process can get quite frustrating. Packing your stuff the right way represents the most crucial part of the entire moving procedure. Individual glassware dishes and objects are quite costly; hence you d want to avoid any risk related to breaking your favorite glassware.

Packing Glasses in the Box


How to Avoid Moving Scams

Have you heard of the term "moving scam expert"? In general, any time we hear the term expert, we think someone is knowledgeable about their work, and these persons are in their dishonest work. Hopefully, you did not have any closer experience with this kind, but unfortunately, this can happen to everyone at some moment. So, the best way will be to protect yourself and your belongings on time. Thus, grab a few moments to familiarize yourself more with moving scams and which way to avoid them.

Moving Scam Alert


Why Moving Estimates Can Be So Different?

Wouldn`t it be wonderful if you could know in advance how much will the entire relocation cost you? It would be like a huge burden taken off of your chest, right? Well, on one hand, there are moving estimates that can estimate the price. On the other hand, these moving estimates can be so different that the entire burden is back on your chest in no time. However, you don`t have to worry, as we are here to go through all the reasons the moving estimates can occur. And in any case, having reliable movers on your side during relocation is the best decision that you can make.

Moving Estimates Online


6 Tips for Moving Antiques

Packing your antiques and collectibles can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have prior experience on the subject. Besides the mere value of these items, antiques are often passed down through generations; hence they must be handled properly to avoid any breakage or damage risks.

Moving Antiques


How to Move to a New Home in One Week

It takes a lot of time for the whole moving process to be completed. But sometimes, there is not enough time, and you need to be very fast because the moving day is getting closer. Here are some tips that may help you in this situation. With our tips, you should learn how to move to a new home in one week.

Moving in One Week


Moving and Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Dead Simple

Packing and moving to another place is never an easy job physically and mentally. There is a lot to think of, but despite that, moving doesn't need to be stressful when everything is well organized. For that reason, here are some tips on how to make your moving and packing simple.


How to Pack Fine Art for Moving?

Moving can be viewed as a learning process, as you will become a professional in packing various items. Packing china, glassware, fine art, furniture, all require learning the right techniques. Once you know the right techniques, packing becomes easy. Today we will focus on packing fine art for moving. If you have several high-value pieces of fine art, you may want to hire professional movers, as sometimes it is better not to take risks. But, the majority of fine art items can be packed quite easily, you just need the right packing equipment and patience.


What You Should Know About Moving During the Coronavirus

We’ve all heard about Coronavirus and the potential difficulties that it can bring. Moving during the COVID-19 could be a little risky decision, but sometimes, there is no other choice. If you still need to move, here is what you should know to protect yourself during the relocation at this time of the pandemic.


How Much Do Los Angeles Movers Cost?

When we say relocation, we immediately assume that each relocation is the same. And consequently, it will cost roughly the same. However, the truth is that every move is an individual thing, and the cost can depend on a lot of things. Based on which for which services you hired professional help, the distance, the weight of your items, and other factors, you will be able to calculate the price. We have, therefore, created this useful guide that will help you get a clear picture of how much your relocation will cost depending on your needs.

Reliable Moving Services


How to Label Boxes for Moving?

Labeling your boxes is the simplest thing during your move. Unless you forget, then things will be more difficult for you later when the time comes to unpack your stuff. It can happen that you open a box and discover items with sentimental value damaged or broken because you missed attaching the label "fragile" on the box. To avoid these unpleasant situations, here are some tips which may help you to go through packing without unnecessary stress.



How to Pack Paintings for Moving?

Paintings are considered to be fragile items and for a good reason. It is so easy to damage them in the process of relocation, that we need to be extra careful when packing them. Art is easily among the most valuable items we own, whether the value is sentimental or costs a lot. That is why we have created a step-by-step guide for you on how to pack paintings for moving. If you have too many high-cost paintings in your possession that you want to relocate, however, perhaps it is best that you call professionals to help you. Now, let us see how to pack paintings for moving like a pro.

Pack Paintings for Moving


Why Selling Things Before Moving is a Good Idea

Leaving an old house is not only hard because of the stuff that you are leaving behind, but memories and precious moments are hidden in every corner. But now it's time for a new beginning and new possibilities in your life. With all the emotional mix, work that needs to be done, and messes all around, you can feel overwhelmed, but the most important thing is to keep your head cold and not to lose your focus. It may be hard to handle the emotional side, and you may need more time to work on feelings, but with material stuff, you will need to be faster because the final date of your move is getting closer. All you need is to sort your goods, evaluate their value, and decide which one you want to bring to your new house or which one to eliminate. Before throwing your things, check first if some of them are in good condition because you can sell them and get some extra money for upcoming expenses. Probably you are wondering why selling your things before moving is a good idea.

A Woman Drinks Coffee During Packing for a Move


A Guide to Cheap Moving

When you are thinking about moving to another town, planning and organizing your budget is one of the first things you should do before starting with moving processes. If you have a limited budget, everything can be more stressful, and you can have some rough time. Doing a research on moving costs, you've seen that moving service is the highest expense you might have. So here are some tips that will help you to go through this experience easier and stay calmer.

A Guide to Cheap Moving


How to Get an Accurate Moving Quote

When moving, it is only natural that you want to find out how much it will all cost you in the end. People are saving money prior to the relocation, but it all becomes easier when you know what digit to expect. This is why getting an accurate moving quote should be your primary concern. There are several major factors that can influence the final bill and we will go through all of them. Knowledge is power, indeed, and you will be ready to discuss the moving quote with your movers like a pro.

Moving on a Tight Budget


Moving on a Tight Budget

Moving is rarely the easiest thing to do, as it involves a lot of preparation and decision making. When the lack of money is added to this, we get a prescription for a stressful relocation. But it does not have to be like this. Moving on a tight budget is very common, and at the end of the day, you will realize that you do not have to spend a lot in order to have a successful relocation. We have created this useful guide that will show you some fantastic ways in which you can save money on your relocation.

Moving on a Tight Budget


How to Compare Moving Companies?

Choosing the right moving company is not a simple job. There are a lot of different companies on the market offering excellent customer services, lowest prices, and the best experience, but the question is how to find the right one? To find the trustworthy one, you will need to do some research before you call and accept a deal. Here are some things you should take a look at when doing research that will help you compare moving companies.

Compare Moving Companies


Where to Get Moving Boxes for Free?

Moving can turn out to be one of the most expensive things you will do in a year. That is why it is really important to save money whenever you can. As moving boxes constitute an essential part of the moving process, saving money on them will mean a lot for your budget. This is precisely why we want to inform you where you can get moving boxes completely for free. And, don`t forget to give those boxes to someone else for free as well once you finish with the moving process. If you decide to hire a professional moving company and use packing services, they will provide you with all the packing material that you need.

Free Moving Boxes


9 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Summer is a favorite season for so many people, perfect to enjoy sunny days, relaxing vacations, and school breaks. We all love summer when we get to enjoy it, but how do we look at it when we have to move house in the summertime? Even though days are longer and the weather is brighter, there are some challenges that each season brings. The good news is that professional movers share some tips and tricks on moving in the summertime so you can be ready for your relocation and enjoy a summer vacation after you move to a new home.



How to Declutter Your Home Before You Move

We all know that packing for a moving day can get rather boring and time-consuming. But before you start with this step, you should always go through your household possessions and declutter your home. There are several reasons why this step is beneficial. Firstly, you will only bring to your new home things that you truly like and that are useful. Secondly, you will pack less and potentially earn some money when you sell unnecessary items. Lastly, you will pay less for moving services because the cost is determined by the size of your household. It can be the size your items take up in the moving truck or the total weight of the load, but anyhow you will have fewer things, meaning less money to pay. If you are wondering where to begin and how to go through the process, keep on reading to find some tips on how to declutter your home before you move.

Storage Unit


11 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving from one place to another is not a pleasant experience, and you need a lot of planning, organizing skills, and money. Usually, we don't have enough time to prepare everything that we need for moving, and that is a moment when there possibility to make some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them next time.

Moving Mistakes to Avoid


What You Need to Know About Winter Moving

Winter moving does not have to be hard or stressful. With careful preparation, flexibility, and organization weather will not affect your relocation. And if it does, it will not have long-term consequences. We have designed this useful guide so that you can be fully prepared for the moving process during winter. Hiring Movit company is a smart move if really bad weather is coming, as your belongings will be in the safe hands of professionals.

Winter Moving


Tipping Movers - How Much to Tip?

Even though tipping movers means that you have to give more money, after a job well done, you are just happy to do it. When you hire a reliable moving company, where the crew is professional and experienced, you start to feel really generous and want to tip them. And to be honest, tipping waiters and others from the service providing industries has become so normal, that we forget that being a mover requires a lot more strength and durability, and they truly deserve tips as well. But, of course, you should tip the movers only if you are satisfied with the service providers.

Tipping Movers


A Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

When moving, people usually want to cut down the moving expenses as much as possible. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to reduce the number of items that you will move. The final moving cost depends largely on the weight of your belongings, so if you decide to relocate only your essentials, you will pay less for the entire relocation. And in order to decrease the number of items that you want to relocate and earn a couple of hundred dollars (or more) along the way, you should organize a successful garage sale before moving. We have prepared some useful tips that will help you achieve anything.

Garage Sale


DIY Moving Guide

When you set your mind on something, you know very well that nothing can stop you. Moving on your own can be less expensive than hiring movers, and that is why the majority of people choose the DIY move. In order not to make amateur mistakes, and actually save money on a DIY move, we have conducted this simple, yet so effective moving guide that will help you every step of the way. Of course, if in the middle of the preparations you realize that you need professional help, you can always reach out and hire the pros.

Moving Boxes


Tips for Packing and Moving Electronics

Everybody knows that antiques and extremely fragile items require careful handling. But electronics might get overseen sometimes. Have you already considered necessary steps to protect your computers, tablets, laptops, sound systems, etc.? Here are some tips for packing and moving electronics.

Protective Packaging


Long Distance Moving Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster in 2020

Moving to another country requires a set of skills, together with a lot of patience. If not planned properly, it can become a nerve-racking experience. On the other hand, you can think positive, write down your plan, get some help, and you should be at your new destination in no time. How to do it? Follow these long-distance moving tips to help you avoid disaster in 2020.

Truck on the Road


Where to Move After San Francisco

Have you decided that it is time to move from San Francisco, and are wondering where to move next? Well, we can certainly recommend sunny Florida and beautiful Miami as your next destination. There are over 3, 000 miles between San Francisco and Miami, but if you really want to change the scenery, this is the right decision for you. Do not worry about the lengthy trip, reliable movers will help you relocate all of your possessions anywhere you want. The most important thing is that you learn as much about your new destination and of course have fun in the meanwhile.

House in Miami


8 Things you should know before moving from LA to San Francisco

Relocation inside the borders of your country is definitely easier than moving cross country. But it still comes with some challenges and necessary differences. So what is the difference between north and south of California? Can two parts of the same country differ a lot? The answer is somewhere in the middle. When moving from LA to San Francisco, you will still find some of the Californian vibes, but for sure many differences also. It only takes 6 hours’ drive to reach from one place to another, but you will find new habits, interesting architecture and another lifestyle.

Golden Gate Bridge


8 Tips to Help You Find Reliable Movers

Finding the right moving company is usually what makes or breaks the whole moving experience. Your move can go smoothly with little to no stress if careful professionals are handling your possessions. But it can become a nerve-racking process if you get an unreliable company and worry about your household items or an unexpected bill. Your new beginning should start smoothly and finding the right ally will help accomplish the task. Don’t ignore the fact that many people are taking advantage of consumers and you may encounter fraudulent moving companies. Luckily, there are ways to recognize them and instead hire reputable and trustworthy professionals to help you with your move. But how to choose between so many options available? How to know if movers have credentials and expertise, especially in NYC which offers endless choices?

Reliable Movers


Moving from San Francisco to NYC

Moving long-distance brings a lot of excitement especially moving to NYC. It also brings unique challenges, from finding the right home to figuring out a new lifestyle. Once you got used to living in the global tech universe paradise, it might be difficult at first to adapt to the cultural hub of the world known as the Big Apple. You might ask yourself how your life will be when you move from The City That Knows How to The City That Never Sleeps. Rest assured you will fall in love with New York in no time once you discover some of its charms.

Moving from San Francisco to NYC


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