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What You Need to Know About Winter Moving

Winter moving does not have to be hard or stressful. With careful preparation, flexibility, and organization weather will not affect your relocation. And if it does, it will not have long-term consequences. We have designed this useful guide so that you can be fully prepared for the moving process during winter. Hiring Movit company is a smart move if really bad weather is coming, as your belongings will be in the safe hands of professionals.

Winter Moving


Tipping Movers - How Much to Tip?

Even though tipping movers means that you have to give more money, after a job well done, you are just happy to do it. When you hire a reliable moving company, where the crew is professional and experienced, you start to feel really generous and want to tip them. And to be honest, tipping waiters and others from the service providing industries has become so normal, that we forget that being a mover requires a lot more strength and durability, and they truly deserve tips as well. But, of course, you should tip the movers only if you are satisfied with the service providers.

Tipping Movers


A Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

When moving, people usually want to cut down the moving expenses as much as possible. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to reduce the number of items that you will move. The final moving cost depends largely on the weight of your belongings, so if you decide to relocate only your essentials, you will pay less for the entire relocation. And in order to decrease the number of items that you want to relocate and earn a couple of hundred dollars (or more) along the way, you should organize a successful garage sale before moving. We have prepared some useful tips that will help you achieve anything.

Garage Sale


DIY Moving Guide

When you set your mind on something, you know very well that nothing can stop you. Moving on your own can be less expensive than hiring movers, and that is why the majority of people choose the DIY move. In order not to make amateur mistakes, and actually save money on a DIY move, we have conducted this simple, yet so effective moving guide that will help you every step of the way. Of course, if in the middle of the preparations you realize that you need professional help, you can always reach out and hire the pros.

Moving Boxes


Tips for Packing and Moving Electronics

Everybody knows that antiques and extremely fragile items require careful handling. But electronics might get overseen sometimes. Have you already considered necessary steps to protect your computers, tablets, laptops, sound systems, etc.? Here are some tips for packing and moving electronics.

Protective Packaging


Long Distance Moving Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster in 2020

Moving to another country requires a set of skills, together with a lot of patience. If not planned properly, it can become a nerve-racking experience. On the other hand, you can think positive, write down your plan, get some help, and you should be at your new destination in no time. How to do it? Follow these long-distance moving tips to help you avoid disaster in 2020.

Truck on the Road


Where to Move After San Francisco

Have you decided that it is time to move from San Francisco, and are wondering where to move next? Well, we can certainly recommend sunny Florida and beautiful Miami as your next destination. There are over 3, 000 miles between San Francisco and Miami, but if you really want to change the scenery, this is the right decision for you. Do not worry about the lengthy trip, reliable movers will help you relocate all of your possessions anywhere you want. The most important thing is that you learn as much about your new destination and of course have fun in the meanwhile.

House in Miami


8 Things you should know before moving from LA to San Francisco

Relocation inside the borders of your country is definitely easier than moving cross country. But it still comes with some challenges and necessary differences. So what is the difference between north and south of California? Can two parts of the same country differ a lot? The answer is somewhere in the middle. When moving from LA to San Francisco, you will still find some of the Californian vibes, but for sure many differences also. It only takes 6 hours’ drive to reach from one place to another, but you will find new habits, interesting architecture and another lifestyle.

Golden Gate Bridge


8 Tips to Help You Find Reliable Movers

Finding the right moving company is usually what makes or breaks the whole moving experience. Your move can go smoothly with little to no stress if careful professionals are handling your possessions. But it can become a nerve-racking process if you get an unreliable company and worry about your household items or an unexpected bill. Your new beginning should start smoothly and finding the right ally will help accomplish the task. Don’t ignore the fact that many people are taking advantage of consumers and you may encounter fraudulent moving companies. Luckily, there are ways to recognize them and instead hire reputable and trustworthy professionals to help you with your move. But how to choose between so many options available? How to know if movers have credentials and expertise, especially in NYC which offers endless choices?

Reliable Movers


Moving from San Francisco to NYC

Moving long-distance brings a lot of excitement especially moving to NYC. It also brings unique challenges, from finding the right home to figuring out a new lifestyle. Once you got used to living in the global tech universe paradise, it might be difficult at first to adapt to the cultural hub of the world known as the Big Apple. You might ask yourself how your life will be when you move from The City That Knows How to The City That Never Sleeps. Rest assured you will fall in love with New York in no time once you discover some of its charms.

Moving from San Francisco to NYC


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