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Renting a truck for moving - The pros and cons

Who likes moving, right? Moving is an extremely timely and stressful process. It`s also very expensive and will require you to spend big bucks in order for the move to be performed in the best possible manner. Luckily there are two ways how to perform the move, including DIY and hiring professional movers. Both options are legit and have their pros and cons. Although DIY is way cheaper and can be fun in a way, if you have kids, you`ll have an infinite number of tasks. As you already know, moving consists of packing, loading, transport, and unloading. The problem with DIY is that most people need to load and unload their items which includes furniture. Furniture can sometimes be very oddly shaped and heavy, meaning you`ll have to find help. On the other hand, hiring professionals is easier but more expensive. So, you definitely need to decide. However, there are some hacks and tips on how to move easily while spending an unreasonable amount of money. For instance, if you don`t have a moving vehicle, you`ll need to obtain a moving truck. Our idea is to rent a truck. But, some people might not be fond of the idea, which is why we`ll explain Renting a truck for moving-the pros and cons below.



We`ll start with the pros so you can get a clear picture of the benefits here.

The Cost

This one is pretty plain and easily understandable. To put it in simple words, renting a moving van instead of buying a van is way cheaper. The same goes for hiring professional movers. Did you know that truck rental fees will cost you around 20 dollars an hour? Most people are surprised by this fact which is probably the main benefit here. Of course, you`ll need to take care of the vehicle and respect the terms of your contract.

Full Control


Another great benefit we must mention is that renting a truck for moving will allow you full control over the entire move. If you are a control freak or simply need to move a very valuable item, this benefit is crucial. In addition, you`ll be in charge of everything, meaning that if anything goes wrong, you can fix it in a timely manner. For people who work long hours or have families, this is a deal breaker. You can set the date and time of the move, meaning you`ll have enough time to get prepared for the process. In addition, you can even choose your route and drive as slow or as fast as you prefer.


Now, people that have a car might have a hard time moving since the car isn`t big enough to transport everything. Although taking a few trips is possible, we don`t recommend following this idea. First, you`ll have to spend a lot of fuel, and let`s be honest, fuel prices are through the rooftops. In addition, the move will last longer, leading to tiredness and lots of frustration. By renting a truck for moving, you`ll be able to take your car with you instead of returning for it. Most rental trucks come with a trailer, even if you have to pay a couple of dollars for it.


As we mentioned earlier, stress is the worst aspect of the move. In fact, moving is often ranked as one of the most stressful events you can experience in your lifetime. By going DIY and renting a moving van, you`ll have enough time to perform the move in an efficient matter. Furthermore, you can make breaks if the move is long-distance and even have some fun while doing it. Since fun is often not associated with the move, this doesn`t have to be a rule.


Now that we have seen some of the main pros, we continue with the list of cons.



Now, we said earlier that renting a moving truck is the cheapest option when it comes to obtaining your moving vehicle. This is true since truck rental fees are more than affordable, but there are hidden expenses that might occur. There are numerous taxes and fees that might come with the basic fee, especially if you don`t take enough time to explore different rental firms. These common fees and taxes usually include an environmental fee, mileage fee, and additional fees). If the move is local, you won`t have to worry about this. But, if the move is long-distance, we recommend exploring all available options before making a final decision.


Although you won`t have to hire professional movers, and the cost of the move will be cheaper, there are still certain problems. For example, you`ll have to deal with everything by yourself, which also includes loading and unloading. We highly recommend you get a few helping hands.

Hire Professionals

To be honest, moving isn`t easy. People working long hours aren`^t really motivated to spend their entire weekend moving. And, why would they be? This is where professional movers come in. They`ll help you perform the move in an efficient matter and for a reasonable cost as long as you hire a legit firm. You can always look for discounts but make sure to perform a background check on every option. Guys, best of luck with your move, and make sure to keep following us for more interesting topics.

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