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Move a Fish Tank Easily

Having pets is one of the most beautiful things in your life. You take great care of them, feed them, clean them, and enjoy being around them. Pets feel this and appreciate your friendship. When the relocation time approaches, most fish owners have no doubt in their mind about whether they will move them as well. The only question is how to move a fish tank safely and efficiently. We want you to relocate without any issues and stress, and this is why we have created this useful guide on moving a fish tank.

A Fish In A Fish Tank

Collect all the moving supplies

Moving a fish tank is not the same as moving your books, clothes, or furniture. But one thing is the same, and that is gathering all the packing and moving supplies you will need. Transporting livestock makes you responsible for them, and with the right moving supplies, you will relocate them and the fish tank safely. Next to fish, you will be moving the fish tank, decorations, sand, water from the fish tank, and gravel. Here is what you need to have to successfully move a fish tank.

  • •  Siphon hose – You will need this hose to extract water from the fish tank;
  • •  Containers for transporting the fish – You can either use buckets or plastic bags with a ziplock. For larger fish use 5-gallon buckets. Smaller fish will be just fine in plastic bags during a short relocation. For smaller fish, you can use plastic containers with a lid as well. Make sure that the buckets you use have lids;
  • •  Buckets – This time buckets will be used not for fish, but the plants from the fish tank. They need to remain underwater during transportation;
  • •  Moving blankets, bubble wrap – For protecting your fish tank during the transport;
  • •  Wet/dry vacuum – You will use it to clean the fish tank before relocation;
  • •  Dolly – You can rent a dolly if your fish tank is too large and heavy;

Check if your new home is ready for your fish tank

Relocating a fish tank requires effort and great organization skills. You don`t want to go through the relocation only to realize that the fish tank cannot fit through the doors of your home.

  • •  Measure the fish tank and the width of the doors and staircases of your new home. If the aquarium cannot fit, find a reliable moving company that offers hoisting services;
  • •  Check whether the floors are level at your new home. Also, make sure that the floor can withstand the weight of the aquarium. Although this might seem redundant it is important to set the right environment for your fish;
  • •  Prepare water for the fish tank at least two weeks before you move in. The amount should be 25% of the entire fish tank. You will use it when you arrive at your new home;

Remove everything from the fish tank

A Fish Tank Full Of Decorations

Now that you have all that it takes to successfully relocate your fish tank, and that your new home is ready to welcome it, you can proceed. The next step is to remove decoration, gravel, fish, and water from the fish tank.

Unplug the heater from the fish tank

You want to unplug the heater first, but don`t remove it from the fish tank immediately. Wait for at least 30 minutes before you take it out. This will allow it some time to cool off. Take the heating tube and inspect it for any algae and clean it thoroughly. You can proceed to take out the filtration and circulation equipment from the fish tank.

Siphon out the water

Ideally, you should preserve at least 70% or 80% of the water from your fish tank. This will enhance the chances of a successful fish relocation. Use the siphon hose to extract water. Place it inside the buckets of water.

Take out the decoration and plants

You want the plants to be underwater so place them in containers that are filled with water from the fish tank. Or place them in buckets of water. Make sure that you don`t transport fish and decoration pieces in the same container. The items can shift during transport and injure your pets.

Take the fish out of the aquarium

A Golden Fish In A Nylon Bag

The fish is almost in the last place when taking items out of the aquarium. It is much easier to catch the fish when the aquarium is nearly empty. With the decoration pieces still in, fish have plenty of hiding space and it is difficult to get them all.

Use a colander to take the gravel out of the aquarium. Once this is done, you can proceed to vacuum the aquarium. The vacuum should be able to vacuum wet surfaces.

Prepare the fish tank for transport

Use a moving blanket to cover the outside of the fish tank. Secure the moving blankets with packing tape. Fill out the fish tank with bubble wrap, newspaper, or moving blankets, so that there is no space inside it. Use a dolly to transport the fish tank from your home to the vehicle. Make sure that no box can fall on the fish tank, and that you place steady items on the sides of it.

Set up the fish tank in your new home

A Fish Tank On A Desk

Set up the aquarium as soon as you come home. Don`t feed the fish 24 hours before the relocation, and 24 hours after the relocation don`t give them too much food. They need to adjust to the new surroundings. Find the nearest pet store and check whether they have what you might need for your fish tank in the future. Monitor your fish for any sign of ick or other symptoms.

Call the professionals to help you

Sometimes there just is not enough time or expertise for you to move a fish tank on your own. And this is fine, you should just call the professionals to safely move your fish tank to your new home. Reliable movers will get the job right. So, go ahead and contact Movit Movit for any help with moving your fish tank.

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