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How to Pack Glassware for Moving

Moving isn't a simple process meaning there is a couple of things you need to take care of including packing glassware and fragile items. The whole packing process can get quite frustrating. Packing your stuff the right way represents the most crucial part of the entire moving procedure. Individual glassware dishes and objects are quite costly; hence you d want to avoid any risk related to breaking your favorite glassware.

If you aren't sure about the most proper way to pack your glass essentials, read the following text below.

Packing Plates

Packing Plates

When it comes to packing plates, we'll present the most basic method users report is handy. First of all, pick a stable and flat surface work on which you'll pack and cover it up with newspapers or similar paper. Keep in mind you'll need a wide piece of paper in order to pack the plates properly. The size is right when there isn't any exposed part of the plate, meaning you d want a full cover-up. It is essential to put the desired object(plate) at the paper's center and fold every corner. Accordingly, place another plate on top of the already packed one and repeat the process until all of them are correctly packed. Most boxes can hold 4 or 5 plates so try not to overdo it.

General rules include:

  • • Place the plates on the side of the cardboard boxes, never flat inside.
  • • Try to use as much paper as you can fit on the boxes' bottom and especially on the sides to avoid any breaking risks.
  • • Stack the plates on top of each other (don't overdo it).
  • • Fixate the plates meaning there is no space for them to move inside the box.
  • • Feel every gap you may find with paper.
  • • Label both the bottom and the bottom side of the cardboard box.
  • • Label these boxes as fragile.

Packing Glasses

Packing glasses differs from packing plates and similar objects because of their shape, size, and material. Before packing, you'd want to withhold an inspection and take a good look at each glass. Try to be careful as it's sometimes hard to notice all the cracks and damage some might have, representing a big problem later on. All glassware you find suspicious should be thrown away to avoid creating further damage while moving.

When you're done inspecting, put aside the most valuable glassware items and put them in a specific box labeled valuable. Transport this box with care as you want to avoid any breaking risks. It is important to pack every glass separately and gently fold it in the packing paper. Next, try to find the most secure way for placing them in the desired box(while filling up the box with paper) and try not to leave any free place as it can result in breakage. Close and seal the box with duct tape. Again, label this box as fragile.

Packing GLassware

Packing Glasses With Newspaper

Some users state that their most preferable options include packing glasses with newspaper. Heads up if you pick this option as some prints may color your glasses if you don't cover them up in completely clean material first. It would be best to use the newspapers as a filler after you packed them in packing paper without folding them. Luckily, there is no need to spend money on newspapers as you can borrow them from friends and family members.

Packing Wine Glasses

Packing wine glasses is an individual process because this type of glass is very thin and fragile. It gets broken often, mainly if they include longer stems- a primary reason you need to wrap every glass stem into an individual bubble wrap. Stuff the glasses with packing paper and try not to overdo it because the breakage can influence the other glasses. This way, the paper can minimize the damage leaving a place for reparation if needed.

Next is to wrap the entire glass into paper and seal it with duck tape. You d want to purchase a cell pack and place it inside the box. As wine glasses have a longer stem, place each one in two cells. When you fill-up all cells, stuff the box with a bunch of paper and seal it. Accordingly, label this box as extra fragile to avoid mixing it up with the remaining ones and handle it with extra care.

Packing Cocktail Glasses

Packing cocktail glasses represent a similar process as with wine glasses. If you want to ensure extra efficiency, follow the next steps:

  • • Place every glass stem at the bottom of the cell.
  • • Remember not to push too hard since this can result in easy breakage. If the process requires force, remove the excess paper. If there are any empty cells left, fill them up with paper.
  • • When you finish packing, shake the entire box to see are the objects inside are fixated ( do the glasses inside move).


In any case, packing glassware isn't an easy process as it presents quite trouble for most people. Glassware is particularly hard to pack because the material itself does not deform and bend, meaning it cant endure a lot of pressure. We all know that dropping a glass will result in a sure breakage. Only toughened glass has at least some kind of flexibility. Spontaneous glass breakage happens when the pieces are prone to internal defects and improper use.

While packing glassware including plates, cocktail glasses, wine glasses try to follow almost universal terms to avoid any risks of breakage or damage. Pick out a solid flat surface before packing and cover it up with newspaper. Make sure plates are fully covered when you fold each corner and put them on top of each other (most boxes can fit around four plates). When it comes to glasses, depending on the type, make sure no movement is possible before sealing the container.

Although this may sound trivial, labeling glassware boxes is essential as you d want to handle and transport them yourself.

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