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Things You Shouldn't Throw in the Garbage When Moving

Moving to a new home is a great chance to get rid of anything you don`t use too often. It will be way easier for you to pack and move if you declutter your home of any unnecessary items. However, it might be hard for you to distinguish which items you should get rid of. Besides, there are certain things you shouldn`t throw in the garbage when moving. So, if you plan on moving soon and want to learn about things you should avoid throwing in the garbage while moving, check out our following text.

Garbage Cans


Many of us simply don`t think about what we put in the trash. Sure, it is easy to distinguish which items should be recycled. However, most often, we throw everything together and don`t think about hazardous items. Some items need to be handled with extra care in order to preserve the planet.


A Judge's Hammer

Make sure to follow and review the laws and even local rules since there are some specific guidelines on what you should and shouldn`t throw in the garbage can. Also, there are some federal laws that precisely regulate prohibited items, while the most common regulations relate to flammable items, contain hazardous substances, or even pose a threat to people.


Sometimes, people use items without being aware that they`re dangerous once you throw them away. If they`re not properly disposed of, these items can harm the environment and result in different complications that can pose a threat to society, animals, and even plants. These toxins are known to contaminate ground, air, and frequently drinking water. Furthermore, certain objects can even be dangerous for the person handling them since different incidents can occur when the aforementioned items aren`t taken care of in a proper manner. When disposing of oil, batteries, pool, and household chemicals, in the regular trash can or a recycle bin, you should consider that in some cases, it can even spark fires inside containers and collection trucks.

A Warning Sign - Toxic

Proper Planning

Since we live in a world that produces a lot of waste, there is a lot of waste to dispose of. Did you know that the average American household generates more than 19 pounds of hazardous waste a year? Even if every household has just a few objects to toss, this can quickly add up to an unbelievable number of items. So, you can see that it is more than necessary for every consumer to have a plan for their disposal. The very best way to dispose potentially of hazardous items is to schedule a home pick-up service or even locate a local drop-off place. This way, you can be absolutely secure that your trash isn`t a threat to anyone. However, most people aren`t aware of the list of items that can pose a threat to the environment. If you want to learn about things you shouldn`t throw in the garbage when moving, check out our list below:

1. Paint

When it comes to the disposal of paint, tossing it in the trash can be very harmful to the environment since paint contains a lot of toxins and chemicals damaging both land and air. Discarded and unused paint can easily be dropped off at a local paint shop as well as various unprofitable organizations. Most local municipalities have guidelines on the subject.

2. Aerosol Cans

Spray Cans

Another big no-no when it comes to things you shouldn`t throw in the garbage is aerosol cans. The problem here isn`t with cans but with the chemicals in it. There could be propellants or chemicals in there, which can cause explosions inside the trash can or trash compactor. However, if you are sure that you have completely emptied all the contents from the can, you might even be able to recycle it. However, there isn`t a way to be absolutely sure that you`ve emptied an aerosol can, so it would be best to avoid recycling it. An important tip: Never pierce an aerosol can as this can be very dangerous, meaning it can result in serious injuries.

3. Tires

There are more reasons why you shouldn`t throw tires in the garbage. The main reason is that tires can have a brand new function if they`re recycled, meaning that they can be used. They can be used for fuel which can be more than helpful in order to run various types of facilities. Also, tires are useful as a tire-derived aggregate and in different landscaping projects as rubberized asphalt or other rubber products. So, the next time you think about throwing tires in the garbage, we recommend thinking about recycling them. If you aren`t sure where to turn for help, just get informed online on the best place to dispose of them at.

4. Batteries


Batteries are very frequently used in almost every household in the world, meaning you`ll most likely end up with a large collection of batteries that should be discarded. But it is important to think about it before you decide to throw them away. Although rechargeable batteries are very useful and even environment-friendly, the problem arises when you can no longer use them. Why? Well, these batteries contain metals like cobalt and lead, which can be very harmful to our planet, especially when not disposed of properly. Luckily, batteries can be easily dropped off at numerous local municipality sites, and some retailers even offer recycling boxes.


We all know that electronics make our life way easier, and life as we know it wouldn`t be possible without them. So, it`s natural that we have a lot of them in our homes. However, when we no longer use or need them, most people aren`t aware of the best ways to dispose of them. The best way is to contact a certified vendor, ensuring both safe recycling and their destruction alongside the security of all of your personal information on the devices. Additionally, some electronic stores will take care of the disposal for a very small fee, so make sure to explore all available options and choose the best one.

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