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Tips On Throwing A Moving Away Party

Getting together for one last time before you move away can be a great way to say farewell to your friends and make a few more memories together. When planning a goodbye party, you can make an intimate gathering or throw a big event, but having fun and seeing all dear people in one place is the ultimate goal. If you’re not sure how to make a party, don’t worry too much because no matter what you decide to do, your friends will love it –eventually, it’s the thought that counts. Going away party will let them know that you’ll miss them and that you appreciate their friendship. It’s quite easy to put a lot of stress on yourself at this time, thinking about the venue, food, drinks, all the planning in the middle of planning relocation. So if you’re a bit worried, that’s completely normal, but do keep a mindset that the most important thing is showing that you took an effort of organizing the event to show your love, and that’s already a huge success.

If you need ideas on how to throw a farewell party, we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips on throwing a moving away party.


Find the best location

The first thing to decide when throwing a farewell party is where it will happen. Depending on the budget and situation, pick the most suitable venue. There’s no need to book the most exclusive place in town, rather pick a meaningful location. For example, if your group has a favorite place with a lot of memories, that can be a perfect choice. In most cases, your home will be just fine, as long as you’re comfortable with it and you have enough space to accommodate the number of people invited, which takes us to the next planning step.

Create a guest list

Perhaps your idea of a farewell party is a really intimate get-together, or maybe you’d love to throw a big party and say goodbye to many friends and family members. Once you decide on what you want your party to look like, go ahead and make a guest list. The number of people will tell you if your venue is too small or big enough, how much food and drinks you’ll need, how many utensils, plates, and cups to get, etc. By writing down all the names you won’t skip anyone and you’ll be ready for the #3 step.

Send invitations in advance

Planning an exit strategy is always a must when you’re moving big household items. That means you should measure all the doorways and passes, as well as your refrigerator, to make sure that you can easily pass through them. Create a plan ahead because you don’t want to get stuck last-minute with a fridge that’s way too big to fit through the doors.

Have a clear path

Party Gadgets

No matter how big your party will be, send out invites a few weeks before the event is taking place. Three weeks is an ideal time to invite your friends and give them enough time to plan and adjust their schedule. Make sure to also ask for RSVPs to help you organize everything, especially if you’re not throwing a party at home but using a venue – by doing so you’ll know how many people are coming and adjusting your plan accordingly. You can make personalized invites and send them out or go for a simple email or even a text to let people know that you’d love to say farewell to them and celebrate your new beginning together. Just make sure to include all details about a party, like when and where will it take place, should they bring something like drinks or gifts, etc.

Choose your favorite theme

A farewell party is a great opportunity for choosing a theme, and it can be literally anything you like, such as a pajama party, pirate party, Caribbean party, winter party, etc. It can also be a theme related to relocation, for example, if you’re moving to sunny Florida pick a beach theme, and if you’re going away to college pick a college-of-choice theme. Details like cups, napkins, plates and other cheap decorative items will help you create a surrounding according to your theme. Don’t forget to let people know about the theme and include this info in your invitations so that your guests could prepare.

Get drinks and snacks

Party Refreshments

No party is successful without refreshments, and choosing what to serve depends on your budget and the overall theme of your event. If you’re throwing a home party, pizza is always a good choice, but snacks will also do the trick if your budget is tight. You can go for a homemade meal, or get chips, peanuts, chocolate, and other snacks in your local supermarket, or contact a catering service and get food delivered to your door – whatever feels like the most convenient option for your situation and budget. Providing drinks is also optional, you can buy drinks for everyone or ask each friend to bring their own – just remember to add those details in your invitation.

Make memories

One of the great ways to have fun while making memories at your farewell party is to get a photo booth corner. Make any type of setup you like and it doesn’t have to be a fancy one, the idea here is to make memories that you can cherish after moving away. Your guests can take Polaroids and write their favorite memory with you or a special note at the back of a picture.

Make a speech

Take a moment to say goodbye to your friends and give a toast even if public speaking is not your thing. It doesn’t have to be a big speech, but a short and meaningful speech will certainly be a memorable moment for everyone involved.

Have a guest book

Party Time Motif

Pick a notebook that you like and keep it near the front door so each guest can sign in when they arrive. Encourage them to write a farewell note, evoke a special moment you shared, or write down any thoughts they have about your friendship and your relocation. You can take this book with you to your new home and look back at it whenever you feel homesick.

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