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Top 6 Benefits of Climate-controlled Storage

Once you decide to get a storage unit, you may wonder if traditional storage will be enough. The truth is, in some cases, regular storage units are the best option because they’re not expensive and they make sense if you’re in between two homes and need to store your household items only for a couple of days. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a place to keep your things for a prolonged period, or you’re storing sensitive or valuable items, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit. This type of unit is more expensive but it also has more benefits than the traditional one and it keeps your property protected from various harmful factors. Climate-controlled units are sealed and insulated; keeping conditions at optimum levels and helping even the most sensitive items stay intact. Consider weather-related mishaps, harsh temperature changes, dust and debris, rodents, and all the other factors that could damage your items – all of these are avoided by renting a climate-controlled unit. If you want to store electronics, antiques, artwork, or other fragile items, you’ll want to have peace of mind even if it costs a bit extra. Different factors determine whether you need a conventional or climate-controlled unit, including price, size, location, security, etc. In the following text, we’ll go through the top 5 benefits of renting a climate-controlled unit.

An Interior Of A Self Storage Facility

1. Climate-controlled storage protects from extreme temperatures

If you live in an area with extremely high or extremely low temperatures, traditional storage may not be enough to keep your belongings safe. If there’s a drastic temperature change, that can also greatly affect some of your items. The first benefit of climate-controlled storage is protection from extreme temperatures. These types of units are constantly kept at an optimum temperature so freezing, melting, cracking, splitting, warping, and other processes will be easily avoided.

2. Climate-controlled storage has good air quality

Various Items In A Self Storage Unit

A traditional storage unit doesn’t get fresh air unless you visit and open it just to get some airflow. On the other hand, a climate-controlled unit is sealed, continuously circulating the air, and allowing for a fresh-air inflow. Keeping the quality of air at an optimum level is another benefit of a climate-controlled storage unit.

3. Climate controlled storage protects from dust and debris

Standard storage units are usually placed outside with little protection from outside factors, while climate-controlled ones are inside the buildings and they’re completely sealed. That allows for extra protection against dirt, insects, rodents, debris, etc. These units are placed inside buildings with sealed and insulated roofs, and you’ll be able to find your items in the same condition you left them, even after a prolonged period.

4. Climate controlled storage offers security

A CCTV Camera Inside A Self Storage Facility

With standard storage units being outside, they’re exposed to all sorts of external factors, including weather changes, rodents, insects, dust, but also to thieves. On the other hand, if you think about climate-controlled nit, its walls, roofs, and floors are insulated, it’s placed inside of the building, and making a unit like this costs a lot of money, so having a guard to keep the place safe is only natural. Besides making sure that your possessions are safe, the presence of a guard will also help you feel safer when going to take some of your things out of the storage.

5. Climate controlled storage offers convenience

Imagine having to get to your belongings on a snowy evening or during a storm, having to figure out a way to open it and reach inside, fighting weather conditions alone at night. It’s not the exactly convenient situation and for sure you’d feel more comfortable driving inside the secured building with lights and guards, easily accessing your things that are locked and safe in their designated area. The great benefit of climate-controlled storage is that it offers this kind of convenience – you can enter anytime, protected from outdoor conditions, not worry about theft or any external factors. Even though it costs more than a standard unit, it gives you the convenience that’s definitely worth the money.

6. Humidity Control

Boxes Set In A Warehouse

Not all climate-controlled units offer humidity control, so you should ask before renting your unit if it’s equipped with this feature. It may not seem too important, but it’s actually more beneficial than you may think. If seasons are changing in your area, then humidity levels will fluctuate and this can affect your belongings, so keeping optimum humidity control in your storage will help keep items in the best shape.

Items That Benefit from Climate Controlled Storage

All belongings will benefit from a climate-controlled unit, but some of them will benefit more than others, and some may even require being stored in optimum conditions. Some items may get mold, mildew, they can deteriorate, get discolored, expand or contract if exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, etc. In general, if an item is valuable to you, you may want to go for a climate-controlled unit. These are the most common ones:

  • •  Furniture pieces — upholstery, wood, leather, wicker, etc.
  • •  Electronics — TVs, computers, phones, DVDs, vinyl records, etc.
  • •  Pianos and other musical instruments
  • •  Artwork pieces and antiques
  • •  Personal documents and other important documents
  • •  Wine collection
  • •  Medical supplies and medications
  • •  Makeup, perfumes, toiletries
  • •  Appliances
  • •  Sports equipment
  • •  Clothing made from leather or lace


The bottom line is – in some cases, you’ll be just fine with renting a traditional unit. For example, if you only need to keep your things somewhere for a couple of days, a regular unit will do the trick. But if you’re planning on storing valuable items that could be damaged after a prolonged period in conditions that are not suitable, then by all means go for a climate-controlled unit. Even though it costs more than the regular storage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll find your belongings in the same condition you left them in.

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