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How to make a home inventory list when moving

Are you looking forward to moving home, but feeling overwhelmed by the moving process? Make it less stressful and more efficient by having a moving checklist. A home inventory will be an important part of it, as it will give you a clear picture of your possessions. You can also use this inventory later as a packing list. The method you will use it entirely up to you. Pen and paper will do just fine, or you can find various premade lists on the internet free for downloading. If you find a digital way easier, go ahead and install one of the moving apps available for iPhone and Android. While making the record of your belongings, you can get a price quote from the moving company based on the estimated weight.

Home Inventory List

In the meantime, here are a few essential steps for making your home inventory go smoothly:

1. Use one sheet for one room

It is always helpful to break down the process. You will easier accomplish tasks that are smaller and more detailed. For this reason, limit yourself by working through one room at a time. Use one inventory sheet for one room; it will help you locate things faster later on. Start from the room that you don’t use that often and progress to more functional rooms.

2. Item ID

Labeling the Boxes

The more information you have about your household, the more you are prepared for insurance if needed. This will include a detailed description of the unit:

  • What-name of the item and quantity, be very specific when it comes to artwork or valuable pieces
  • How-is it in good condition, does it need repairs, painting, refurbishing
  • How much-an estimate cost that you paid or that is worth (include any paperwork that comes with it, especially when it comes to the items of high higher value)
  • Where-position of the item in your new home, it will speed up the process later when unpacking in case you are making changes

3. Take pictures of the items

In addition to the description, it is a good idea to back up words with images. Taking pictures will be of use later in case the insurance company needs proof of the item’s condition.

4. Make a copy

This applies especially if you are using a pen-and-paper method, as it can easily get misplaced. You don’t want to have all your hard work gone, so make a few copies to stay on the safe side.

5. Personal belongings

Include your documents and personal belongings in the list, anything like passport, medical records, and valuable jewelry. Keep these with you at all times, as the only person you want to trust with this is yourself.

Carton Moving Boxes With Stuff

Even though making home inventory takes time, it is a great tool to be more organized and more efficient. While going through your household and looking at everything you own, you will be able to remove clutter. This is your perfect chance to remove any broken or unused items and get rid of the things you no longer use. You can donate or give to someone who will use it; you can sell it, or even make a garage sale.

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