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A Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

When moving, people usually want to cut down the moving expenses as much as possible. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to reduce the number of items that you will move. The final moving cost depends largely on the weight of your belongings, so if you decide to relocate only your essentials, you will pay less for the entire relocation. And in order to decrease the number of items that you want to relocate and earn a couple of hundred dollars (or more) along the way, you should organize a successful garage sale before moving. We have prepared some useful tips that will help you achieve anything.

Choose which items you want to sell

A Successful Yard Sale Before the Move

First things first, you need to go through each and every item you own and decide whether you want to keep it or sell it. The hardest thing is to begin, and as things evolve you will find it much easier to part with your stuff than you thought it would be. Here are a couple of suggestions for what you should sell:

  • • Duplicate items – Do you have two toasters, hairdryers, coffee machines, any other appliance, piece of furniture, etc.? The truth is, you do not need duplicates, especially if you are downsizing, so put them on sale.
  • • Clothes you haven`t worn in a long time? – We assume that you are still holding on to the clothes your kids used to wear a long time ago. Sell them, along with your clothes that you haven`t worn in a year. If you do not use it, someone else might wear it and be happy about it.
  • • Books and CDs – Your garage sale customers will be happy to buy your old books and CD. If you have already read them and listened to them for a few dozen times, maybe its time for someone else to enjoy them.
  • • Toys, gifts, musical instruments, and such – We are sure that you have plenty of these items that you never ever use anymore, and that are just collecting dust.

Make an inventory list and set the price

An Inventory List for a Garage Sale

After you have decided which items will go to a sale, you should put them on an inventory list. Carefully write down all the items that you will display in your garage. Once you sell them, you will be able just to cross them off the list, and you will know exactly which items you sold.

The next thing you need to do is set the price. It may sound easier than it actually is. You should put a price that is not too high, otherwise, people will never buy the items. Remember that the goal is to earn some money and get rid of the items you do not use. Be ready to lower the price as your customers will bargain. On the other hand, if you are selling pricey possessions, you should not underprice the item.

Set the date and time

Holding a successful garage sale means that you should pick a time that is suitable for most people. Experts advise that perfect timing for a garage sale is Saturday early in the morning. On weekdays, people are rushing to work and do not have time for shopping. On the other hand, if you organize a garage sale on a Saturday morning, and you do not sell everything, you will be able to prolong the sale to Sunday easily.

Inform everyone

There is no use in organizing a garage sale if no one knows about it. A successful garage sale is all about great marketing. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to inform everyone. You can spread the word of mouth, and inform your friends, colleagues, coworkers in a simple conversation. Or, you can use the power of the Internet, and announce it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. And what you absolutely need to do is to place a sign that says `Garage sale` so that even people who you do not know can come. You can do all of these things, just make sure to mention the exact time and date the garage sale will be organized.

Get your garage ready

The chances of selling more items from your inventory lists will significantly increase if your garage is ready for customers. Clean the garage from top to bottom. Organize any clutter that you see. Put on the customer`s shoes and imagine how would you want your garage to look like. Place enough shelves, and tables for your items. If there is not enough room in your garage, put some of the stuff outside, in your backyard.

Clean the items for sale

A Successful Pre-Move Garage Sale

In order to sell the items and to sell them at a good price, it is really important that they are in good condition. Make sure to wash and iron your clothes for sale. Clean the appliances, furniture, souvenirs, and make sure there is no dust on them. If an item is broken, try to fix it before the sale.

Classify the items properly

All of the items that you are going to sell, should fall under certain categories and be arranged accordingly. It is in your power to make the buying experience perfect, and honestly, it is not that hard. Arrange the items according to the categories they fall under, and put a price tag next to each item.

What happens if you do not sell everything?

Do not worry if this happens, it is not uncommon that several things do not get sold. If you organized a garage sale on a Saturday, you can always prolong it to the next day and sell the rest of the items. If you still have some items available for sale, you can expand your offer and sell it online. A lot more people will see it there and probably buy it. Then again, if you made a good profit, you can always donate the items to the charities and help someone along the way.

One of the most important things to know about a successful garage sale is that you as a seller should be cooperative, friendly, polite, and ready to bargain. If you're still looking for reliable movers for your upcoming move, feel free to contact Movit Movit. And of course - good luck!

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