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Tipping Movers - How Much to Tip?

Even though tipping movers means that you have to give more money, after a job well done, you are just happy to do it. When you hire a reliable moving company, where the crew is professional and experienced, you start to feel really generous and want to tip them. And to be honest, tipping waiters and others from the service providing industries has become so normal, that we forget that being a mover requires a lot more strength and durability, and they truly deserve tips as well. But, of course, you should tip the movers only if you are satisfied with the service providers.

Should you tip the movers at all?

Tipping Movers

We mentioned that you really do not have to tip the movers if they had done a poor job relocating you. The truth is, you do not have to tip the movers even if they did a wonderful job as well. They will not expect it, and they will receive their salaries regardless. However, it has become a common practice to express your gratitude for people who have taken excellent care of your beloved and usually expensive possessions. Here are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself if you are having doubts about whether to tip the movers or not:

  • • Did your movers arrive on time? – Punctuality is one of the first features that you will notice about good movers. However, in case of bad weather, or serious traffic issues, you can pardon them for being a little late.
  • • Were they professional all day long? – Professionalism is the second thing you want your movers to have. Language, behavior, the way they do their job speaks a lot about them, and you can take into consideration.
  • • Did they safely relocate your possessions? – No matter how professional or punctual your movers were, if you ended up with a lot of damaged items, then you should not tip them. It is their expertise that matters most. If no possessions were damaged or lost during the move, you can agree that your movers really deserve a tip.
  • • Did they make frequent breaks? – Movers are usually paid by the hour. So, making frequent, unnecessary breaks would prolong the time they spend at your place. If you see your movers taking a break every half an hour, you should definitely not tip them.

When should you give a larger tip?

Larger Tips for a Moving Job Well Done

When we say moving, we think about people packing our belongings, loading them into the truck, and unloading them in front of your new house. However, it is not that simple. No two moves are the same, and some are considerably harder than the others. If your movers had to bring down all the moving boxes for several flights of stairs multiple times, they deserve a higher tip. Or, if there was no parking spot available in front of your house or building so that had to carry all the items longer than necessary. A lot of heavy furniture, narrow corridors, and all the hardships of a move is a big deal, and if your movers manage to do everything successfully, they deserve a tip.

How much should you tip your movers?

There are several ways in which you can calculate the ideal tip for your movers. Some people give them between 5 and 20% of the final moving cost. Now, this can get too high too fast, given the fact that a move can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars. Another, a better way is to tip them based on the hours spent working. For example, you would give $10 for a four-hour shift, $20 for an eight-hour shift, etc. Of course, you can also follow the advice to give a $4 or $5 per hour. If you are moving on a tight budget and you still want to tip movers, it is truly up to you. There are no wrong answers here.

How to tip your movers?

There are three ways in which you can tip your movers. The first way is to give them cash. This is also the best way to do it. Just make sure that you hand the tips directly to every mover on-site, and not to the foreman. There is always a possibility that the foreman will keep a portion of the money for himself, so it is better not to risk.

The second option is to pay by your card. When you want to pay for the final moving costs, some moving companies actually have the option to receive tips for movers via card. This is really useful if you have forgotten to withdraw cash from the ATM.

The third option is to write them a cheque. You can do it on spot as well, and it is pretty convenient if you have to justify that money with your tax advisor. You can also have the tax deducted for this purpose. Whichever option that you chose it is perfectly fine. Your movers will be happy and grateful.

What else can you do for your movers on a moving day?

Couple Waiting for Movers on a Moving Day

There are plenty of ways to show your movers that you appreciate their assistance. Here are a few suggestions:

  • • Water, soda, juice, or any other cold beverage, and coffee in the morning. Please avoid serving your movers alcohol as most moving companies have a strict rule about not drinking while on duty.
  • • Running water, soap, and clean towels – Provide your movers with the option to frequently wash their hands and face.
  • • Snack and lunch – If your movers will spend more than 5 hours at your place, getting them lunch is really thoughtful. Pizza, burgers, or anything else basically will give them enough energy for the rest of the day. If they will be working at your home for less than 4-5 hours, you can just get some snacks.

We have seen how much should you tip your movers, how can you do it, and what else can you do for your local movers. If your entire move has been a success, feel free to tip your movers, but never feel that you are obliged to it. Good luck!

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