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Where to Get Moving Boxes for Free?

Moving can turn out to be one of the most expensive things you will do in a year. That is why it is really important to save money whenever you can. As moving boxes constitute an essential part of the moving process, saving money on them will mean a lot for your budget. This is precisely why we want to inform you where you can get moving boxes completely for free. And, don`t forget to give those boxes to someone else for free as well once you finish with the moving process. If you decide to hire a professional moving company and use packing services, they will provide you with all the packing material that you need.

Free Moving Boxes

Check what can you use instead of moving boxes

Moving boxes are a great way to transport most of your belongings. They are sturdy, durable, and efficient. And finding high-quality moving boxes is certainly not that easy. However, instead of just getting the moving boxes for your move, consider using some items that you already have. Namely, you should first use all of the bags and suitcases that you have instead of moving boxes. They may not be adequate for transporting and packing fragile items but are simply perfect for items like clothes. You can also transport towels, linen, sheet, shoes, books, and toys in your bags and suitcases. In this way, you will save money, and you will need fewer moving boxes.

Friends and family

Is there anyone in your vicinity who has recently moved? Ask your friends and family members if they have some leftover moving boxes to give you. They are probably eager to get rid of them, and you will find them quite useful. You can ask them to drop them off at your house or simply go and get them. Never skip your friends and family when you need packing material, they probably have something that you can use for the relocation process.

Next door neighbor app

Download the nextdoorneighbor.com app and search for the Classifieds section in it. If you have lived in that neighborhood for a long time, chances are that you already have this app downloaded on your phone. It is an excellent app where people from the same area communicate and share all the vital things that can help you out. And, someone from your neighborhood is likely to have some moving boxes that they would want to give to you for free. If not, you can ask them where can you get some moving boxes, and resolve your issue.


Here in this online marketplace, you will be able to find absolutely anything you want and not just moving boxes. However, Craigslist has a Free section that you should open and see whether someone is willing to give you moving boxes. You can also do the reverse thing, post an ad saying that you are looking for free moving boxes. People who have them will contact you and you will be able to pick the moving boxes easily after you make the deal.

Liquor stores

Liquor Store

If you head straight to a liquor store at the beginning of the week, chances are that you will find plenty of moving boxes that you can use for your relocation. Simply go into the nearest liquor store and ask employees whether they have some spare moving boxes. What makes getting moving boxes from a liquor store an excellent idea is that you can get the boxes with cell dividers inside. This will protect your glasses perfectly, so you can store your fragile items inside.


A local bookstore will definitely have some free moving boxes to give you. If the boxes were sturdy enough to carry the books, then they will be just fine for your needs. Of course, if you notice that the moving boxes are not in good condition, just say that you do not want them. The point is to get high-quality moving boxes that will serve their purpose.

Grocery stores

Visit a few grocery stores in the area where you live. They definitely have some spare moving boxes. The trick is, as we already mentioned to take the ones of the best quality. You do not want to end up with moving boxes that will just tear apart soon after you fill them up. So, choose wisely and do not be afraid to say `No` when they offer you certain moving boxes.

Small businesses

First things first, ask for some free moving boxes at your workplace. They probably have several moving boxes that are just collecting dust. Other business and local shops are bound to have several moving boxes as well that will serve you just right.

Large businesses

Free Moving Boxes Store

If small businesses can interest you, so can large retailers for example. Head over to Target, Office Depot, Walmart, Costco, or any other. Chances are really high that you will find exactly what you want right in these stores. Since they constantly have goods delivered to the stores, they probably have moving boxes in all sizes and shapes. So, we recommend that you do not go there without a car, as your hands will be full.

Recycling centers

Most cities have several recycling drop-off locations that you can visit. Once someone finishes using the moving boxes, they drop them off at the recycling centers. This is the best way to get rid of the leftover moving boxes, after all. Take your chances here and search for some good-quality moving boxes that you can use. After you finish with the relocation, you can also recycle them.

We have seen several places where you can obtain moving boxes completely for free. Getting the moving boxes without money is possible, you just need to research a little bit and pick them up at the location where they are located. And, in order to help the others searching for free moving boxes, after the move you can put the moving boxes on the Craigslist and give them to someone else. Movit company wishes you good luck!

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