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11 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving from one place to another is not a pleasant experience, and you need a lot of planning, organizing skills, and money. Usually, we don't have enough time to prepare everything that we need for moving, and that is a moment when there possibility to make some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them next time.

1. Preparation and Organization

Moving Checklist

Whenever you need to relocate your living place, there is some preparation for what you should do before you start. It’s always better when you have more time to pack possessions, but sometimes taking too much time has an opposite effect, and you are in the trap with boxes without any clue where did you pack your clothes, electronics, and other valuables.

2. Don't forget to call a babysitter

During packing and moving, it is very challenging if you have a family to take care of children, pets at the same time. In that scenario always is better to hire someone or ask some relative willing to take care of that period.

3. Declutter your things

Prior you start to put stuff in the boxes, it’s always is more beneficial to first check do you need all those things. Whatever you don't need, you can donate to some volunteer center or someone who needs it. On another side, you can organize sales in your neighborhood, which will have some funny moments too.

4. Prepare your essentials

Moving is starting with a lot of excitement, new responsibilities, and sometimes is happening that in the morning you are wasting your time going around the place trying to find your toothpaste, hairbrush, or charger for your cell phone because everything is in a mess around you. The best way to avoid this situation is to prepare the essential bag that you may need in those turbulent days.

5. Take inventory

Home Inventory List

Imagine that you already finished packing everything in the boxes, and now you are ready to go, but suddenly realize you don't know what is inside the boxes because you didn't label them. A good choice to avoid this is to make a home inventory list before you pack all stuff in. Write on the paper what is inside the box, write a matching number on the list and the box, place a mark if something is fragile, and close it. The inventory list also can help to be on "track" if some of your stuff is missing.

6. Inform your neighbors about your move

When you are moving from one place to another, there is always a little disorganized time, and next-door-neighbor can be upset because of all noise coming from your apartment. Be ready if you get a complaint from them when you making a noise moving a piece of furniture or because you are blocking a street with a truck from a moving company. In these situations, patience and understanding are necessary from both sides and this is the reason why you should inform them about your move, and all forthcoming disturbances that can appear in that process.

7. Organize help, don't do everything alone

Perhaps moving looks like an easy job but is not. That is one of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to changing their living place. They are too confident to do everything alone, and that can cost them so much more time, health, and in the end, their money. A more effective way is to ask your friends or relatives to help you or hire a professional moving company.

8. Damaging your furniture

When deciding to move their furniture alone, this is one of the mistakes that people usually make. Unfortunately, we don't have superpowers to move our heavy things with just one finger: and most likely, this will cause injury to your back and probably damage your furniture too. To avoid this always is better to disassemble furniture, or to make things simpler, engage professionals who will take care of the proper way.

9. Scratching a floor

Pulling a heavy couch throw your sitting room is not the best scene to see, especially when you are making a non-pleasant sound like scratching a tile on the floor. It doesn't matter what kind of material your floor is this still can be done, and a floor in your living room ruined. To prevent this trouble always is more helpful to place some cardboard, blankets, or place a carpet on the floor before begin moving.

10. Moving fraud

Home Inventory List

If you decided to engage professional and reliable movers to help with your packing and transportation, the first you should do, is good research about companies. Now on the internet, there are a lot of potential scams, which can offer you their services, and the risk can be too high. Sometimes that can be just small damage, but sometimes that can be a big loss of your possessions. For that reason, is very important to get referrals, read all reviews, research, and call several different companies before you decide which one is the best choice for you to hire.

11. Moving insurance

Most people don't think that they need insurance, assuming that the moving company will provide them insurance anyways, which is a big mistake from the beginning, and this can make you a lot of headaches when you realize that wasn't a case. Ask the company directly about the insurance for your belongings, what is a policy for damaged or lost things, because a couple of crashes can happen to everyone.

Do you need help with moving home? If you want to avoid making moving mistakes, you can always hire a professional moving company. Movit Movit is here for all types of relocations. Contact us anytime to get a free quote.

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