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How to Get an Accurate Moving Quote

When moving, it is only natural that you want to find out how much it will all cost you in the end. People are saving money prior to the relocation, but it all becomes easier when you know what digit to expect. This is why getting an accurate moving quote should be your primary concern. There are several major factors that can influence the final bill and we will go through all of them. Knowledge is power, indeed, and you will be ready to discuss the moving quote with your movers like a pro.

Compare moving companies

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First things first, when you decide to move you begin the process of finding the right moving company. The best way to do this is by comparing several moving companies. It would be ideal if you received 3-5 moving estimates from different moving companies. In this way, you will get a clearer picture of what is the most realistic price for your relocation. Remember, if you want to receive excellent, professional service, it will cost you, but it is good to know what is realistic.

Pro tip: Comparing moving companies is also good for recognizing an offer that is just too-good-to-be-true. These offers are usually made by rogue movers, and they just want to run away with your money. Also remember never to leave a huge deposit to the moving company, especially if the overall price is low.

Choose the right type of moving estimate

There are three types of moving estimates that you can choose from. Not every moving company will offer you all the three types, but then again that can be a sign of scam movers. Let us see what types of moving estimates exist:

Binding moving estimate

This type of estimate is when the moving company estimates the final price and sticks to it. The price is determined based on the total weight of your belongings. If your items weigh less on a moving day, you will still have to pay for the estimated price. This is useful if your items end up weighing more than estimated because you will still pay for the original price.

Non-binding estimate

This is just an estimate, which can differ on a moving day. If your moving company offers only this type of estimate, we recommend that you keep searching for better movers. If your items weigh more than estimated, you will pay the full price. This can lead to an unpleasant surprise that you certainly want to avoid.

Additional fees

No Entry Signage and Barrier Elevator Maintenance Services

When the moving company provides you with an estimate, it is important to check whether it includes the additional fees. They may add up a significant amount of money to the final bill. Usually, people are unaware of these fees, and getting an accurate moving quote depends on it. Here is what moving company usually charge additional fees for:

  • • No elevator – If you live in a building with no elevator, and the movers need to use the stairs to get all of your belongings out, you will be charged additional fees. Also, if your building has an elevator, make sure to reserve it for the moving day.
  • • No parking space – Remember to reserve a parking space as close as possible to your house. If the movers have to park further away and carry the items longer, they will charge you.
  • • Hoisting fees – If some of your belongings cannot be carried out through the front door, your movers will have to use the equipment and get the items through the window.

Specialty services

A full-service moving company can do a lot for your relocation. Basically, you will not have to lift a finger. However, all of these services are charged, and in order to get an accurate moving quote, you need to know exactly which services you will be using. Next to packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, you may require specialty services. These can include car transport, senior relocation, moving your piano, etc. It is important to discuss this with your movers in order to reach an accurate moving quote.

Storage service

Storage Services

Usually, people need to store their items, at least for a few days if not longer. While storing your items is not that expensive, it all depends on how much time will your items be stored. Check out whether the moving company can offer you a discount for storing items. Also, if you need to pack fragile and delicate items, such as paintings or other forms of art, books, musical instruments, etc. you should require a climate-controlled storage unit. These units can be up to 20% more expensive than regular units, so first ask about the price.


Signing a Moving Insurance

Insurance is certainly a must-have feature during the relocation. Accidents can happen to the best of movers, so it is for the best that your items are ensured. There are two basic types of moving insurance that you can choose from, and they offer different things to you. Let us see what is the best option for you:

  • • Released value coverage – This type of moving insurance is completely free, and all you need to do is sign up for it. However, the amount of money that you will receive for items lost or damaged is 0.60 cents per pound. This is not much, and this type of moving insurance is suitable if you are relocating items that are not too expensive.
  • • Full value coverage – In this case, you will receive compensation for the current marketplace value of the item lost or damaged. However, here you will need to pay a premium upfront, which is usually 1% of the total item value. For example, if your items are worth $60,000 you will need to give $600 upfront. But you should always verify this with your movers, as every moving company has its own insurance policies.

We have seen the factors that can determine the final price, and it is important to include all of them into the moving quote. This is the best way to get an accurate moving quote. Good luck!

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