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How to Pack Glassware for Your Move

Packing glassware for your move will require your full attention. Glasses are the items that we use on an everyday basis, and they can easily be broken the minute we do not pay enough attention to it. That is why we have prepared a lot of tips on how to pack glassware properly without damaging the items. If you do not have time for this, you can always call professionals to help you with packing, or you can follow our steps on how to do it easily.

Packing Glassware

1. Get the right packing equipment

Go to the DIY store, or any improvement store to get what you need. Here we will list all the items that you need to have in order to pack your glassware properly.

Packing paper

Packing paper is great for packing glassware. However, if you have an old newspaper, that can serve as well. But know that newspaper can leave a black print on your glassware, so you will have to wash it thoroughly after the move.

Moving boxes

Medium-sized moving boxes are the perfect boxes for relocating the glassware. Make sure that they are of the right quality if you are taking the boxes that were previously used. A great thing that you can do is to go to the liquor store and ask them to give you the boxes that have dividers inside of them. You can then place all the glasses in those moving boxes, and rest assured that they will be protected.


Tape is vital for securing the moving box bottom and top.

Permanent marker

Do not forget to label the boxes with a water-proof, permanent market. You can also download the labels from the Internet for free. The labels such as Fragile, This side up, or This side down will go a long way in protecting your glassware.

2. Get rid of all the broken items

When you start packing your glassware for the move, you should take out all the items and place them on a firm surface. The ideal place is your dining table. In this way, you will have a clear overview of what should be packed. Inspect all the items, and throw away all the broken ones, as they will get damaged even more pretty easily during the move.

3. Secure the bottom of the moving box

When packing glassware, the key thing is that you keep the vibrations from moving at a bare minimum. You can do this by placing crumpled paper at the bottom of the moving box. You can also use another material, such as a towel or bubble wrap. The most important thing is that the boxes will hit a soft surface instead of a hard one.

4. Roll the packing paper around the glassware

Wrapped Glassware in Packing Paper

The next thing that you should do is to take each glass and roll it into the packing paper. Place the packing paper onto the dining table and place lay the glass at one side of it. Then, roll the glass toward the other side of the packing paper. The upper side of the paper should be tucked in the opening of the glass. If your glass has a stem, secure the stem first by rolling it firmly into the packing paper. This should be done with every piece of glassware that you have.

5. Place the glassware inside the moving boxes

When you start placing the glasses inside the moving box, always place the heaviest ones first. If you do it the other way around, the heavier glasses might crush the other ones. Place the glasses one next to each other, and then one on top of each other. However, when you start a new row of glasses, place some padding first. Once you finish placing the first row, place some crumpled paper or packing peanuts over it. This will create a much-needed distance between the glasses and protect them from breaking.

6. Test the moving box

The moving box should never be filled out to the very top. Leave a few inches empty, so that you can fill it out with the same material as you fill the bottom out. Use crumpled newspaper, towels, or packing peanuts to fill out the empty space in a box. This will decrease the risk of damaging the items. In order to know for sure whether your glassware is correctly packed, take the box and shake it a little bit. If you hear a clinking sound, that you need to add another layer of packing paper to your glassware. If the glassware is properly packed, you will not hear a sound of glasses hitting against each other.

7. Tape the moving boxes

The moving box should never be too heavy because there is always a risk of it getting torn apart. Double tape the bottom of the box, as well as the top of the box. You will easily open the box with a knife after you move, but you should not skip this step.

8. Label the moving boxes

Label the moving boxes correctly, and you can rest assured that your glassware is safe. Whether you are just moving your glassware to your new home, or you are storing it for later, labeling the boxes is vital. Label the boxes as Fragile on at least three sides, so that you will not be able to make any mistakes.

Packing Fragile Items

Moving requires us to be at the top of our game. Remember that at any point you can call a couple of your friends to help you, or you can call professionals to do the job. The more the merrier is true, and it will take you a lot less time to do the job. Soon, you will be drinking your favorite coffee or tea from your favorite mugs. Be careful when packing these fragile items, and make sure that you have plenty of sleep. With a good organization you can achieve everything. Good luck!

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