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How to Pack Paintings for Moving?

Paintings are considered to be fragile items and for a good reason. It is so easy to damage them in the process of relocation, that we need to be extra careful when packing them. Art is easily among the most valuable items we own, whether the value is sentimental or costs a lot. That is why we have created a step-by-step guide for you on how to pack paintings for moving. If you have too many high-cost paintings in your possession that you want to relocate, however, perhaps it is best that you call professionals to help you. Now, let us see how to pack paintings for moving like a pro.

Pack Paintings for Moving

Get all the right packing supplies

Don`t even begin to pack the paintings for relocation unless you have gathered all the right packing supplies. We can safely say that the right packing supplies are half the work when it comes to packing these fragile items. Here is what you will need:

  • • Moving boxes of appropriate size and shape. Research where you can find free moving boxes.
  • • Painter`s tape – This type of tape will be used on the moving boxes.
  • • Artist`s tape – This one is used on the paintings, and it is acid-free so it will not damage the artwork.
  • • Bubble wrap – As much bubble wrap as you can get, actually.
  • • Packing paper – Perfect for protecting your paintings from damage.
  • • Cardboard corners – Used for protecting your framework on paintings. You don`t have to buy this, as it is quite easy to make them from some cardboard pieces.
  • • Cardboard – You will need several pieces of cardboard in this process that you will have to cut in the shape and size of your paintings to cover them.
  • • Gloves – You can find art gloves, as you are dealing with delicate material here, but the regular gloves will serve as well.
  • • Permanent marker – Never forget to label the boxes containing fragile artwork.

Prepare your paintings for the moving box

Boxes in Different Sizes

Now that you have all the right packing supplies, it is time to start packing the paintings. In order to pack them right, you should position the painting on the hard, stable surface such as the dining table, for example. Now, use the packing paper to cover the front of the painting. Turn the painting on the other side, and use artist tape to tape the paper to the item. Now, take the cardboard piece that is cut in the shape and size of the painting, and cover the item with it.

Pro-tip: If your painting is covered in glass, you should use the artist tape to form an X sign on it. This will protect the glass from getting damaged. Also, if the glass does get damaged the X-shaped tape will prevent the spreading of the crack.

Move on to placing the cardboard protectors

Now that your paintings are covered in packing paper, and cardboard pieces, move on to the cardboard protectors. As we mentioned before, you can make several of these on your own easily. Place the cardboard protectors on each corner of your painting to protect the framework. Only then you should proceed to the next step.

Use bubble wrap when packing the paintings for relocation.

Normally, bubble wrap is used in a way that the bubbles are facing the item they are supposed to protect. This is not the case with paintings, though. Use the smooth side of the bubble wrap to cover the entire painting in it. The process should be done at least twice, so make sure to cover the entire painting two times in the bubble wrap. Now you can use the painter`s tape ensure that the bubble wrap will not move. Tape all the sides of the paintings.

Pack the paintings into the moving boxes

A Woman Drinks Coffee After Selling Some Stuff Before the Move

You have done most of the job by now, so you can even make a small break. After you have finished applying the bubble wrap and taping it to the painting, you should pack your paintings into the moving boxes. If the painting is too large, we suggest that you have a friend or two help you with this part. After the painting is inside the moving box, check whether there is any space left unattended. If there is free space, your painting can still get damaged, no matter how many times have you rolled it in the bubble wrap. Fill out any empty space in the box with Styrofoam sheets, or old towels, or even crumpled newspaper.

Check whether the box is safely packed

There is a great way to find out whether you have done a good job packing the paintings in your moving box. Rattle the box back and forth and listen for any sounds and check out whether there is any movement. If there is, we suggest that you fill out the box with more layers of bubble wrap and crumpled paper. Only when you don`t hear any sounds the painting can be safely relocated.

Label the boxes

Label the moving boxes with a permanent marker. Make sure that the marker is of high quality and that it is water-proof. You can also write down the specifics of the painting you are moving, so that you know exactly where to place the box when moving in your new place.

Hire the pros

As we already mentioned, if you have a costly collection of paintings, we highly suggest you hire professional and reliable movers. A moving company with a perfect reputation will pack and relocate your paintings in no time. Plus, they offer insurance which you would not have if relocating the items on your own. Avoid stress, and moving injuries, and save precious time by hiring experienced movers for relocating your paintings.

We have seen all the steps you need to take in order to pack your paintings for cheap moving in a safe way. While it is not a complicated process, it is certainly a delicate one, so be extra careful while packing these fragile items. Good luck!

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